Why another gear website?

The hiking, camping, mountaineering and outdoor industry is huge. There are literally dozens of websites that review outdoor gear. Some of them are very good. My personal favourite is:

I found that none of them allowed me to easily compare tent width, length and weight etc. Put simply it would be an almost impossible task to capture everything. There is so much gear that they could never get it done! So with a little effort I decided to create my own website. Here it is. Hope you like it.

There are so many manufacturers and tents!

There are so many tent manufacturers that it will take a lifetime to add all their products, and I will need to employ someone to keep it up to date which is not going to happen!! At the outset I am planning on only listing tents (i.e. no shelters or biivie bags etc), and perhaps the top 20 (or so) manufacturers with a particular focus on Australia!! Let's see how we go.


There are also so many good review sites that I am reluctant to start another. I really want to keep this clean, simple and accurate. Let people "zoom-in" on a smaller number of tents and they can then go and do their own research. There are some great reviews on Trailspace, but there are also good reviews on many manufacturers websites.

Also worthy of mention are the following superb reviews: